This Is How to Get All of Kylie Jenner’s Swimsuit Looks

It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner tops our list of summer swim inspiration. While it doesn’t hurt that her hometown of Calabasas, California has the best weather EVER, Kylie takes full advantage of the scorching temps [...]

Emily Ratajkowski Poses Soaking Wet for DL1961 Denim

Emily Ratajkowski (of female activism, Instagram, and ab crack fame) is adding another notch to her modeling belt. Today DL1961 announces that she’s the face of its fall 2017 advertising campaign shot at the Plaza Hotel [...]

I live my life moment to moment: Salman Khan

Superstar Salman Khan says he lives his life in the present and does not take his celebrity status seriously. Asked what he wants to achieve in life, Salman told the media: “I live my life moment [...]

Manisha Koirala: Favourable time for actresses to grow in Bollywood

Actress Manisha Koirala, who is making her comeback with her forthcoming film ‘Dear Maya’ thinks it is a great time for actresses to grow in Bollywood. While talking exclusively to ANI, Manisha said, “Even the subjects [...]


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Sasha Lane Has a Celestial Hair Moment on the Red Carpet—and It’s Worth a Closer Look

A beauty vanguard doesn’t need decades of experience to steal the red carpet, only a natural instinct for just the right idiosyncratic—and effortlessly on-the-nose—above-the-neck statement. Since stepping onto the scene in 2016, Sasha Lane has caused [...]

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So, Tube Tops Are a Thing Again

Think back to 1999: It was a magical time of boy bands, iridescent lip gloss, rhinestone-studded belts and similarly unfortunate fashion trends that somehow keep finding their way back into the modern zeitgeist, among other things. [...]

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ASOS fans are really confused about this pink dress

Georgia O’Keefe obviously served as a major inspiration for the designer behind ASOS’s latest viral hit. The piece, described on the fast fashion site as “fluro two-tone pink origami bow midi bodycon dress,” is dividing the [...]

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Demi Lovato Shared Photos of Her Cellulite

From Cosmopolitan Late Thursday night, Demi Lovato posted an Instagram story pointing out features traditionally characterized as flaws, like cellulite, stretch marks, and thighs that touch – all of which, for the record, are NBD. <a [...]