Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Can’t Contain His Excitement While Hanging With WWE Stars


The 44-year-old action star ‘The Rock’ brought it back to where it all started while hanging with WWE stars on Saturday.

“Backstage at WWE events turn into cool special moments with superstars sharing very kind/inspiring words about how my (Rock) career has inspired theirs. Grateful for their words,” he captioned a pic with Bayley, before catching up with Samoa Joe, Enzo Amore, and Charlotte Flair at the event backstage.


Backstage at WWE events turn into cool special moments with superstars sharing very kind/inspiring words about how my career has inspired theirs. Grateful for their words. Great to meet (finally) The Champ herself, @itsmebayley. WWE life is a HARD life, and for the women superstars, it can be even harder. Mad respect and luv I have for them in this male dominated world. You’re doing great Bayley! No substitute for hard work, so keep working hard and above all else have fun. And by fun, I mean when it’s time to “do the honors” and drop the title, do like I did and look at Triple H, laugh and say “F*ck that noise, I ain’t doing that bullshit tonight” and then walk away. Then come back with a big smile, give him a hug and say “Cool what’s the finish?”


Been following this man’s wrestling career for years now. I’m very happy to see him (finally) in the WWE making a global name for himself. Many wrestling and fight historians will attest to this, that at one time in 1970’s, pro wrestlers were some of the biggest and toughest men on the planet. Well before UFC and MMA made its worldwide footprint, there was a hard core wrestling style derived from “Catch wrestling” which then spawned lots of shoot styles in wrestling training. Samoa Joe reminds me of that rare legit tough MF throwback style of wrestler. Happy for him and his family. It’s his time. He’s earned it and one day we’ll be referring to him as WWE World Champ. Keep kickin’ ass Uso


One of my fav things about the crazy world of pro wrestling and the WWE has always been the colorful, fun and extreme characters it produces. I’ve always liked this one, Enzo Amore. I told him backstage the thing that always comes across with his character, is that he loves to engage and entertain the fans. Ultimately that’s what every wrestling fan wants and why they buy their ticket. Keep up the great work brotha and I ‘preciate your kinds words and I’m honored to have had an influence on your career and style. Thanks for the story about you and your pops. Tell him the People’s Champ said hey.


Good to take some time to chop it up w/ The Queen @charlottewwe about career and future endeavors. Our dads used to wrestle each other when we all lived in Charlotte and now here we are backstage incapable of smiling normally for pictures. What a trailblazer she’s become for the ever growing and awesome Women’s Division, by taking that brass ring to places it’s never been. Great chick. Bad ass. Time will tell, but definitely GOAT potential.

Johnson gained mainstream fame as WWE wrestler in the later ’90s, and was the first third-generation wrestler in the history of the WWF. The father of two returned to wrestling part-time from 2011 to 2013, and continues to make appearances for the company after his 17 championship reigns.

While the actor (Rock) has kept his WWE muscles, these days, he’s using them to pick up his 1-year-old daughter, Jasmine.

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