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Alaska man survives brown bear attack thanks to quick-thinking friend

An Alaska man said he survived being pulled off of his bike and attacked by a large brown bear thanks to his quick-thinking friend. Alex Ippoliti said he and his friend, James Fredrick, were riding along [...]

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Whale cams reveal secret Antarctic feeding habits

Whale cams have revealed the secret feeding habits of the giant mammals in frozen Antarctica, details on their social lives, and even how they must blow hard to clear sea ice to breathe. Scientists attached tiny [...]

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Indonesian volcano in fresh eruptions

A volcano on Indonesia’s Sumatra island spewed hot smoke and ash high into the air Wednesday, in its latest violent eruptions. Mount Sinabung has erupted repeatedly in recent days, pumping hot gas clouds up to three [...]

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Anger burns on Vietnam’s poisoned coast a year after spill

“The big fish are all dead,” complained 50 year-old Mai Xuan Hoa, picking small fish from a net as he tried to rebuild his livelihood a year after Vietnam’s worst environmental disaster. Sea life began washing [...]

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Australia mops up after floods

A massive clean-up was in full swing Monday as floodwaters receded across parts of Australia devastated by a cyclone, with residents and business owners returning to thick mud, piles of debris and ruined property. At least [...]

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Trump urged to stay in Paris climate deal

The head of US coal mining company Cloud Peak Energy on Thursday urged President Donald Trump to respect the Paris agreement aimed at combatting climate change. Through an executive order and a budget proposal, Trump recently [...]

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Why is South America being hit by deadly landslides?

It starts with torrential rain in the mountains. Then a wall of mud and boulders comes barreling down the slopes, sweeping away houses, cars and people. Like a video stuck on repeat, the story has played [...]

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Himalayan glaciers granted status of ‘living entities’

An Indian court has recognised Himalayan glaciers, lakes and forests as “legal persons” in an effort to curb environmental destruction, weeks after it granted similar status to the country’s two most sacred rivers. In a decision [...]