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‘Underwater wasteland’ worries for Barrier Reef after cyclone

A powerful cyclone that smashed into northeastern Australia could have caused further damage to the under-pressure Great Barrier Reef, turning parts into an “underwater wasteland”, scientists warned Thursday. There are already fears for the survival of [...]

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Japan kills 333 whales in annual Antarctic hunt

Japanese whaling fleet returned to port Friday after an annual Antarctic hunt that killed more than 300 of the mammals as Tokyo pursues the programme in defiance of global criticism. The fleet set sail for the [...]


South African park kills 350 hippos, buffalo’s amid drought

Rangers in South Africa’s biggest wildlife park are killing about 350 hippos and buffalos in an attempt to relieve the impact of the region’s most severe drought in more than three decades. The numbers of hippos [...]


Antarctic penguin numbers double previous estimates

Almost six million Adelie penguins are living in East Antarctica, more than double the number previously thought, scientists said Wednesday in findings that have implications for conservation. Research by an Australian, French and Japanese team used [...]


Foreign vegetables occupy Bogra farmlands

Farmers in Bogra are cultivating various types of foreign vegetables these days as their demand is high. Every year, about 400 metric tons of foreign vegetables are produced in three upazilas of the district.   Foreign [...]